Ramadhan Gone too Soon; Hello Eid :)

Today is Eid! I have been in an Eid mood. Who hasn’t?

It’s that time of the year Alhamdulillah. It comes twice a lunar year. Eid Ul Fitr especially comes with mixed feelings. It finds us nostalgic because just when Ramadhan ends and you are praying taraweeh, reading the Quran, giving sadaq  with a smile and all the good things that we do for Allah. I just want to hug Ramadhan a little bit more but Alas!

Like it is said, in Suratul Asr

“Indeed mankind is in loss”

Qur’an (103:2)

I pray to Allah that we are among those who bid each other to patience and to truth. Ameen. We may have asked Allah for things as little as one would ignore and laugh about or asked for so much more than one would dare to ask  anyone but with Allah we are at peace. In Surah al Nur, Allah says:

“Allah may reward them the best of what they did and increase them from His bounty. And Allah gives provision to whom He wills without Account”.

Qur’an 24:38

Can you imagine having Allah Bighairi Hisab (Gives whom He wills without account) on your side? So pray and donot pray with restraint. Open up to Him everything is His afterall and He has promised to answer you and He does so even after Ramadhan so let’s not forget that.

The CoronaVirus pandemic during Ramadan has come with blessings for those who know because Allah is the best of planners. Staying home and sharing the love and the laughter, the pain,  the tears, the blessings that come with family gatherings to read the Quran, tell stories, learn new duas, pray the sunnah prayers and greatest of all, get closer to Allah.

Then comes Eid our day to celebrate and a gentle reminder that it is not a time to throw away all the blessings. According to science, it takes 21days for one to develop a lifestyle. Ramadhan has blessed us with 30days and there is no excuse not to develop a lifestyle that pleases Allah. Let us celebrate Eid the halal way. It’s time to create new traditions after all for most of us, used to spend Eid catching up on work or sleep. This time, it is being spent indoors. Nowhere to rush off too. And too much time you hate the sight of your bed. But wait a minute, have you paid your Zakatul fitr? I pray so. You should pay it before Eid prayer and for those like us who do not have a chance to pray at the masjid because of the current CoronaVirus Pandemic and the Social distancing measures in place, Eid time is before noon after Salatul Fajr. If you have not yet given Zakatul Fitr, look at the article and give it before Eid time so that it can go toward spending on one who needs it and you will find whatever you spend with Allah. Isn’t that exciting?

Allah stresses the importance of Zakat in Surah Al Baqarah as an example, He says

And Keep up your prayer and give Zakat and whatever good you forward for yourselves, you will find it in the providence of Allah. Surely Allah is Ever beholding of whatever you do”

Quran 2:110

Eid is the time for big celebrations in the Muslim culture. It’s everything and more and since we are spending it indoors. It’s a blessing Alhamdulillah. So who is up for fun because I am. We are going to set and make all the traditions that we didn’t know we could. Let’s join hands, share what we have in store to make our families and neighbours have a smile on their faces but most of all you. I have a number of things lined up to do today and Allah is on my side. I will invent more as the day goes but here are some of the things I have done/ plan to do that you too can do;

Dress up:

We all love to play dress up in our Muslim attires and believe it when I say, it makes us stand out as an Ummah. We have hung our best abaya/Kanzu up and ironed in time for tomorrow and this already we are already in mood. I have made sure that my kids have theirs hung up and their capes to match. I am playing dress up and I am taking them with me. The mood is high!! And the takbeers are in the air.


Yes. The long set tradition by our beloved prophet Muhammed (Swallalah Alayhi Wa Salim) (shakie I need a quote). I have gone as far as to download and save them on my storage device to play throughout the morning. Download yours via Eid Takbeer from Makkah Takbeer-from-makkah So believe me when I say I am setting the mood and we shall be reciting the takbeer throughout the evening and morning as we cook, breakfast and prepare for our day. Your family should wake up to the excitement that it is Eid!


I don’t want to say another yes so I will say yeeeyyyy. I am yet to meet a muslim/muslimah who doesnot love tasty pilau/rice. So we are going to cook up a storm on Eid. At our house, I do this so early before everyone else is up because I donot like any distractions! Food is serious stuff and I don’t like little fingers in my food or pulling at my skirts. I love my cooking and I believe everyone has a dish they would love to have for Eid so prepare it with an umphh. Take those meats out of the freezer and squeeze that juice into the jug. By whatever means Allah has provided provisions for you and your family, prepare to share it with neighbors; muslim or non muslim so be the best of character even on Eid day. Do not throw away that spirit of giving that you so perfected during Ramadhan.

Eat Cake/ Share gifts

We give so much and always forget to give back to ourselves and our loved ones. Cake is a guilty pleasure for so many of us depending on the flavor. For those who can order cake or gifts or bake at home or make the gifts at home. Engage the family. It is a great time to share gifts and show love. Make it a tradition. I wouldn’t dare mess up the taste of cake so I am not in any way baking it. I am rather fortunate to have someone coming over for Eid so they will be coming with cake. For the bakers, I salute you..bake on and don’t forget to share-again..

Share stories

Too many stories of the Prophet to share make sure you also take a break during this one and you let other people like your parents/ husband/sister/friend/ wife/ neighbour/child/anyone take the lead on this. Lets see how some people remember their history of the prophets, sahabis or how your family came to embrace Islam. After that, share stories about how Allah has blessed you. I especially love to share stories about the favors Allah has bestowed on me. Tell those stories and get the family more engaged and more steadfast in their Iman. Donot forget to talk about Allah. Ohh how He loves when you praise Him and also pray for the prophet while at it. We are not losing any of those rewards.

Play those games

We have so many games that can be done indoors. We have scheduled to take out the cards, board games, skip ropes if you have a compound, the kids games like bottle filling. Please bear in mind the conditions of some of these games. Let’s do it the halal way.

I wish you a blessed Eid and May Allah accept our Ramadhan. Ameen

Written by Bint Abdu-Noor


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