Ramadhan during the Quarantine: How to get the Best Out of It

Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

Ramadhan is upon us once again. Alhamdulillah. We thank Allah for the opportunity yet again to be alive up to this very moment and we ask Him to enable us reach, fast and end the month of Ramadhan successfully. Ramadhan is the month when the gates of heaven are widely open and the gates of hell as well as Shaitwan are locked up. Isn’t that amazing? A time for us to check ourselves, to get back to the right path?

This is an opportunity that has come to us but we are not sure whether we shall be alive for the next. Let us take advantage of the month of mercy, forgiveness and an opportunity for us to save ourselves from the torment of fire

The Noble Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) has said:

“It (Ramadhan) is the month, whose beginning is mercy, its middle, forgiveness and its end, emancipation from the fire.”(of hell)

Bihar Al-Anwar,: Vol:93 Pg:342

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the blessed Ramadhan has found the world under a pandemic and almost all countries around the world are in lock-down/quarantine. How do we make the best out of this situation?

Ramadhan tips in this quarantine period

  1. First and foremost, fast the month of Ramadhan with the sole belief in seeking Allah’s Mercy and love.
  2. Read the Qu’ran. The Qu’ran should be our best friend henceforth. With all the free time on our hands, we should endeavor not only to recite, but read and understand its message.
  3. Constant dhikr. We should continuously remember Allah all the time. When we are preparing iftar, when we are getting ready for suhoor, when we are taking a walk, when we randomly wake up at night. Basically, all the time.
  4. Performing Taraweh at home. One of the things I will miss most is performing taraweh at the mosque. But it can also be performed at home. Taraweh is performed in two’s and can be finalized with witr prayer which is performed in odd numbers.
  5. Involving our children in appreciating and understanding the benefits of Ramadhan. Get a specific time of the day and carry out story telling to them. It could be about the stories of the prophets, the obligations of muslims, among others.
  6. Sadaqa. Let us remember to continuously give sadaqa so Allah may increase us in abundance both in this dunya and the akhira. The best of charity is that made in Ramadhan.
  7. For the married couples, make sure to avoid situations that can lead you into prematurely breaking your fast. Remember physical affection is strictly prohibited during the actual fasting until such a time when it is time for suhoor.
  8. Make time for all sunnah prayers. Two sunnah prayers before fajr, swalatul dhuha, four sunnah prayers performed in two before dhuhr, and two after dhuhr, two after Maghrib and two after Isha prayers. Remember to perform Taraweh and Witr prayers as well as Tahajuud prayers.
  9. Attend online darasas. With so much time on our hands, we do not want to waste it watching movies, backbiting and all other sinful acts. There are so many online darasas we can attend. Look out for Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Menk, Thurraya Islam Media, Youssra Kamel Kandil, Sheikh Burhan Muhsin Kiti among others.
  10. Increase in supplication for yourself, your parents, your children and Muslims, for Allah has ordered making of supplications and has guaranteed acceptance.
  11. Reflect on the sins you have been making in the past, decide to use this blessed month as a starting point to do away with a sin or two for good. It could be backbiting, lying, not praying the obligatory prayers, fornication, adultery, not wearing hijab among others.
  12. Repent to Allah with a sincere repentance in all times by leaving sins, regretting those that you have done before and firmly deciding not to return to them in the future, for Allah accepts repentance of those who sincerely repent.
  13. Ponder on the goodness of Allah. What He has blessed you with even without asking.
  14. Most of all, Upon completion of fasting, be in a state of taqwa of Allah the Most High, being aware of Allah watching you in secret and in public, in thankfulness for His favours, and steadfastness upon obedience of Allah by doing all what He has ordered and shunning all that He has prohibited.

May Allah give us the best out of this Ramadhan. May we fast the month of Ramadhan as though it is our last. May He forgive us all our past sins and give us the best in this dunya and the akhira. Ameen.

May Allah Be Pleased with us all!

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